Bailey Moorhead, Ph.D.

wiss. Mitarbeiterin, Abteilung Banerjee

I am visiting the Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies this year as part of the Direct Exchange program with North American universities. I recently earned my PhD in English from the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, USA.

During my graduate studies, I taught courses on literature and composition for several years, and I served as the Assistant Director of the University of Mississippi Writing Center for three years. In my current position at JGU, I teach courses on cultural studies, literature, and writing. I love teaching because I get to know my students as unique individuals with specific learning backgrounds, interests, and goals. Teaching at JGU has been a wonderful experience for me because the students are diverse, insightful, creative, and eager to learn.

My teaching and research interests are interdisciplinary, tying together U.S. literature and media, history, modernism, capitalism, critical race theory, cultural studies, and gender studies. I have recent publications in Texas Studies in Literature and Language and in Western American Literature, as well as two new articles in development. I am also transitioning my dissertation, “Unearthing the Old South/West: Histories of Racial Capitalism in Modernist Border Narratives,” into a monograph. Specifically, I am currently researching the work of Anita Scott Coleman, an African American writer published in Harlem Renaissance magazines from her rural New Mexico home. My academic work is rooted in material concerns, and is motivated by ongoing and encompassing transcultural needs for progress and solidarity. My research expresses my broad range of interests and experience in multiple fields within the humanities, all of which are united under the intention of seeking reparative social justice through prioritizing historically underrepresented voices.


Bailey Moorhead, Ph.D.
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