Dr. Britta Feyerabend

Abteilung Banerjee
I am an American literature and cultural studies scholar (my minors were British Studies and Cultural Anthropology) and I have studied at Johannes Gutenberg University (1991-2008), the University of Louisville, KY (1993-94), and Columbia University, NY (1999-2000). Having taught in the American Studies department since 1999, I also helped to coordinate the department’s Erasmus and later direct exchange program. In 2013, I switched to administrative work and am currently managing the various studies programs in the Department of English and Linguistics, while still teaching one class per semester. My research interests include film, material culture, gender studies, and history as well as the trajectories at which these intersect.   Current Research As my current work situation calls for administrative duties first and foremost, I find little time for own research projects. I am still, however, very interested in my doctoral thesis’ subject – Woody Allen – American film in general and auteurial filmmakers (Allen, Tarantino, Scorcese, Jarmusch etc.) in particular. In addition, I am an avid quilter and am immensely interested in how quilting and material culture in general, can be used to read the unwritten history of the American people. As such, my interests touch on the fields of gender and women’s studies as well as biography and autobiography. Other interests include African American literature, crime fiction, science fiction, mash-ups, and serialized novels.   Teaching My teaching areas are:
  • American Culture Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Modern and Postmodern Literature
  • Material Culture Studies
  • Film


Dr. Britta Feyerabend
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