Additional Course Offer – Summer Term 2018

for M.A./M.Ed. and advanced B.A./B.Ed. students
Cultural Studies IV and V

For course registration and further information, please contact Dr. Sonja Georgi.

Interdisciplinary Workshop

“History of United States Indian Law and Policy”
Prof. Lindsay G. Robertson (University of Oklahoma)
Faculty Director, Center for the Study of American Indian Law and Policy
Chickasaw Nation Endowed Chair in Native American Law
July 9-12, P 108

This course will trace the development and political and cultural impact of British colonial and United States policy towards indigenous peoples in North America from the Seventeenth Century through the present day. Among other topics, we will explore Treaty-making, Indian Removal, the Reservation System, late-Nineteenth Century Assimilation and Allotment, mid-Twentieth Century Indian Reorganization, and modern Tribal Self-Determination.

You can find the workshop poster here.

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