Race and Anti-Imperialism in Merze Tate’s International Thought

Barbara Savage (University of Pennsylvania)

Thursday, June 27, 2019
6 p.m. (s.t.)

Helmholtz-Institut Mainz – Staudingerweg 18 Conference Ground Floor II – Room 1395-00-133

This keynote is part of the Workshop “The Black Diaspora and African American Intellectual History”.

Professor Merze Tate (1905-1996), an African American woman, pioneered in the fields of diplomatic history and international relations during her tenure at Howard University from 1942 to 1977. Trained at both Oxford and Harvard, Tate was one of the few black women academics of her generation. A prolific scholar with a wide-range of interests, her works covered the fields of disarmament, the diplomatic and political histories of the Pacific, and the role of railways and mineral extraction industries in the colonization of Africa.

Professor Barbara D. Savage is Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought in the Department of Africana Studies of the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of the prize-winning books Your Spirits Walk Beside Us: The Politics of Black Religion (Harvard University Press, 2008) and Broadcasting Freedom: Radio, War, and the Politics of Race, 1938-1948 (University of North Carolina Press, 1999). She is currently at work on an intellectual biography of Professor Merze Tate.

You can download the poster for the event here.

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