Dr. Sabine Kim

Abteilung Banerjee
I research and teach Canadian studies, Indigenous literature and activism, transnational American studies, and critical animal studies. In 2017, I published some of my research in a monograph, Acoustic Entanglements: Sound and Aesthetic Practice (Universitätsverlag Winter). The book connects cultural and media histories of sound and hearing to explore how material objects are entangled with social desires; technologies entangled with bodies; and race, gender, and affect with ideologies of nation, citizenship, property and belonging. The book examines, for example, the extraordinary escape from slavery of Henry Box Brown, early performance artist, abolitionist, and mesmerist; the ways in which Emily Dickinson’s poetry and poetics participated in the emergent cultural logic of the phonograph; and the political and cultural work of memory which transnational poetic forms such as dub poetry undertake in the readings and performances of Lillian Allen.

In addition to my research and teaching, I am managing editor with the Journal of Transnational American Studies.


Current Research

I am currently exploring some of my interests in two research projects. In the first project on the transnational travels of African Americans in the nineteenth century, I look at how the affectivities and mobilities of journeying might relate to the cultural work of remembering slavery. In this context, I make the argument that the transatlantic tours of the Fisk Jubilee Singers can be understood as a way of remembering the Middle Passage through retracing it, while also addressing its legacy by reversing the passage and travelling from the New World to the Old. In a second project, I examine the close connections between wealth and waste.



I teach a range of courses including cultural studies, academic writing, and undergraduate and graduate seminars. Here is a list of recent courses:

  • Animals: Encounters with the More than Human
  • Automobilities
  • Eat! Drink! Consume! Moral Economies of Contemporary Cultures in Canada
  • Gardens and Cities



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