Dr. Martina Kohl

Lehrauftrag/Adjunct Faculty, Abteilung Schäfer

Dr. Martina Kohl is a Cultural Affairs Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany, where she coordinates a Germany-wide speaker and curriculum development program in American Studies. Since 2007, she serves as Deputy General Editor of the American Studies Journal, a peer-reviewed open-access journal that provides a forum for intellectual debate about all aspects of social, cultural, and political life in the United States of America (Audience reached: 12,000 visitors per month; 32,000 visits.). She holds an M.A. and a Dr. phil. in American Studies, English Studies and History from Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz.

Dr. Kohl studied at Florida Southern College (1980-81) and taught and conducted research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (1985-90). In 2013, she received the Hans Eberhard Piepho Prize for the U.S. Embassy School Election Project and the “Ausgezeichnete Orte – Land der Ideen” Award for the Going Green – Education for Sustainability Project in 2015. She serves on the advisory board of the Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association (SSASA).

Summer 2019 
05.866.521 Cultural Studies V – American Studies: Explaining America? From Cold War Diplomacy to Post-1989 Public Diplomacy (BLOCKSEMINAR)
Sem/Üb BQ Explaining America? From Cold War Diplomacy to Post-1989 Public Diplomacy (Pol Sci)

Summer 2018 
05.866.521 Cultural Studies V – American Studies: Explaining America? From Cold War Diplomacy to Post-1989 Public Diplomacy (BLOCKSEMINAR)





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American Studies Journal (ASJ)

Full editions

  • Women’s Voices from the House of Time II No. 67 (forthcoming, May 2019)
  • Co-edited with Torben Schmidt (Lüneburg), “New Ways of Teaching English: The U.S. Embassy Election Project 2012” No. 58 (2014).
  • “Women’s Voices from the House of Time” No. 55 (2011).
  • “Urban Culture, Urban Landscapes: Growing Up in the American City” No. 54 (2010).
  • Co-edited with Jörg Nagler (Jena) “Lincoln’s Legacy: Nation Building, Democracy and the Question of Civil Rights” No. 53 (2009).
  • Co-edited with Alfred Hornung (Mainz), “Arab-American Literature and Culture” No. 52 (2008).
  • Co-edited with Peter Freese (Paderborn), “Ethnic Visions of the United States of America” No. 51 (2008).


Individual Articles

  • “Life in a Frame” (short story, May 2919)
  • “Teaching Sustainability with Counter Narratives”  together with Joannis Kaliampos (Lüneburg)(forthcoming Winter 2019)
  • “Never the Oval Office? From Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama—First Ladies and Their Social and Feminist Agenda” in Miscellaneous No. 62 (2017).
  • “Teaching Abraham Lincoln in the EFL Classroom: A German Case Study” Abraham Lincoln in Europe: Political Uses, Popular Images, 1865-2012” ASJ 60 (May 2016).
  • “Teaching ‘Urban Cultures, Urban Landscapes: Growing Up in the American City’: Further Readings and Links” ASJ 54 (2010).


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