PD Dr. Tim Lanzendörfer

Adjunct Faculty

I was wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in Mainz from 2009 to 2018, obtaining my PhD in 2012 and my Habilitation in 2019, and now teach occasionally as a Privatdozent here. My dissertation, The Professionalization of the American Magazine: Periodicals, Biography, and Nationalism in the Early Republic won the Fachbereich’s award  for best dissertation in 2012 and was published as a book by Schöningh in 2013, winning the Research Society for American Periodicals semiannual book award in 2015. In 2018, my second book, Books of the Dead: Reading the Zombie in Contemporary Literature, was published by the University Press of Mississippi; I handed in my Habilitation, Speculative Historism: Utopian Pasts and Futures in the Contemporary Novel, that summer, and was awarded my venia legendi for American Studies in the summer of 2019.

Since October 2020, I have been Heisenberg Fellow for Literary Theory, Literary Studies, and Literary Studies Education at Goethe University, Frankfurt. I work on a three-pillared project entitled “Reading in the Age of Trump” that seeks to link together contemporary literary theory, the motif of reading in fiction, and the promotion of public literary studies, together with colleagues and institutions from around the world.

My research interests beyond remain in periodical studies (I publish in the field and am a member of the Board of RSAP), in contemporary cultural studies (I am co-editing a collection on medial adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft), and in genre fiction more broadly.



PD Dr. Tim Lanzendörfer
Heisenberg Fellow in Literary Theory, Literary Studies, and Literary Studies Education
(Goethe University, Frankfurt)