Slave Narrative and African American Autobiography

Prof. Xu Dejin (University of International Business and Economics, Beijing)

May 24, 2016, 4.15-5.45 p.m., Fakultätssaal

Professor Xu Dejin got his Ph.D. in Literature from Peking University, Beijing. In January 2007 he completed his post-doc fellowship at Beijing Normal University. Dr. Xu is now professor of English and former Deputy Dean at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing China. His academic interests include Cultural studies, Cross-cultural Communication, Cultural Capital studies, Translation studies, African American studies, and Narrative studies.

Professor Xu serves as member of the editorial committee of Biographical Literature Newsletter, Deputy Director of China Auto-/Bio-graphy Studies Association. Up till now he has published over 40 essays in various leading academic journals around the world. He has also authored, compiled and translated dozens of books and dictionaries into Chinese. His works include Race and Form: Toward a Contextualized Narratology of African American Autobiography by Peter Lang (2007) and “Intratextuality, Extratextuality, Intertextuality: Unreliability in Auto-biography Versus Fiction” an essay published in Poetics Today co-authored with Professor Shen Dan (2007).

Professor Xu offers courses in Western Literary Theory, British and American Literature, C-E/E-C Contrastive Studies in Translation, Stylistics, Cultural Studies, and Cultural Capital.