Dr. Britta Muszeika

wiss. Mitarbeiterin, Abteilung Banerjee
I am a post-doctoral researcher in Professor Banerjee’s team. My major research interests include Indigenous Studies, Whiteness Studies, Narrative Medicine, Medical Humanities, and Reconciliation.

I studied German and American Studies (Magister) in Mainz and received my PhD from Johannes Gutenberg University in 2019. My dissertation, published by Universitätsverlag Winter in 2020 (Approaching Whiteness: Acknowledging Native Americans as Scholars of Reversal in 19th Century Autobiographical Writings), centers on Native American autobiographical writings of the nineteenth century, suggesting native authors to be ethnographers of whiteness and indigeneity.

My post-doctoral research project (“Narrative Reconciliation – Literary Encounters of Care”) seeks to contribute to medical humanities by further interlinking American Studies, narrative medicine, and reconciliation.


Dr. Britta Muszeika
Philosophicum II
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