How to Apply

German Applicants

Master’s and continuing education programs require an initial university degree. They can therefore not be chosen by a freshman.

So-called consecutive Master’s programs build on the content of a previous Bachelor’s program, i.e. they enhance the knowledge acquired or offer the opportunity to learn additional skills in another discipline. For example, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, one can choose to pursue a corresponding Master’s degree in Physics to acquire deeper knowledge and especially a research-oriented perspective in the discipline. One must, for instance, choose to pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism to acquire specialist and professional skills for journalistic work (e.g. science journalism). A consecutive Master’s program, together with an appropriate Bachelor’s program, is classed as a basic course of studies. For this reason, a consecutive Master’s program is eligible for BAföG funding. The standard period of study is 4 semesters at the most.

In addition to a university degree, continuing education programs require relevant professional experience of at least one year. The length varies between 1-4 semesters, depending on the courses offered.

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How to Apply

International Applicants

Please see JGU’s info pages for international applicants. Here you will find all information regarding the necessary steps and contact details for support. Although German skills are not an official prerequisite for enrolling in our program, please be advised that you should be sufficiently fluent in the German language to conduct your everyday affairs at university as well as outside a university context. A letter stating that M.A. students of the American Studies program are exempt from an official German certificate can be obtained from the head of the Department of English and Linguistics (Geschäftsführende Leitung).