Dr. Christoph Lanzen

Adjunct Faculty Member
I am a literary and communication scholar interested in Medical Humanities and particularly Narrative Medicine. My thinking has been shaped by Black literature and philosophy, continental philosophy and communication theory (esp. Paul Watzlawick). I studied American Studies, Political Science and Law at the Johannes Gutenberg University and English as a Graduate Student at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. I researched part of my PhD-Thesis as a teaching fellow and visiting scholar at the Georgia State University in Atlanta. I also took part in a two-year training for professional counselling at the Milton-Erickson Institut in Heidelberg. In 2018, I published Physicians of Culture: Healing Catharsis in the Fiction of Toni Morrison and the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche with the Universitätsverlag Winter in Heidelberg.

After my PhD-degree, I worked as an HR Manager for an international enterprise as well as a for a SMB and studied part-time Leadership and Management in Hagen and St. Gallen. I am currently working as a communication scientist at the Institut für medizinische und pharmazeutische Prüfungsfragen (IMPP) in Mainz. We prepare the realization of the new, practical medical examinations and I focus on ways to test the communicatory competencies of candidates.

In my current research project, I focus on educational ways to foster the development of superordinate competencies (übergeordnete Kompetenzen) in medical education (esp. communicatory and social competencies). I am particularly interested in the method of Narrative Medicine. My research will provide empirical evidence for the effectiveness of reading accounts of illness and healthcare literature for the professional growth of medical students.


Dr. Christoph Lanzen
Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies
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Dr. Christoph Lanzen
AG mündlich-praktische Prüfungen Medizin

Institut für medizinische und pharmazeutische Prüfungsfragen (impp)
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