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Christine Plicht, M.A.

wiss. Mitarbeiterin, Abteilung Banerjee

I am a research assistant and PhD candidate at the Institute, where my research activities and teaching are closely linked but not limited to the Center for Comparative Native and Indigenous Studies. I obtained degrees from the University of Siegen (B.A. in Literary, Cultural and Media Studies and Economics) and the University of Mainz (M.A. in American Studies). My theses connected film and other popular culture media to issues and representations of indigeneity in different locales. During my studies I went abroad to take classes at the University of Otago, New Zealand, which sparked my interest in Indigenous Studies.

I teach courses with a focus on contemporary cultural and literary issues. My teaching includes and connects topics from the above-mentioned fields and often seeks to work from a comparative point of view. In my PhD research I focus on contemporary processes and narratives of reconciliation in a variety of media in former settler societies, opening up Indigenous Studies to transnational and comparative angles.

Additionally, I perform administrative and editorial duties at the Institute and in Prof. Banerjee’s team. For the duration of Dr. Sonja Georgi’s maternal leave, I am also filling in as contact person for issues regarding American Studies as part of the binational Mainz-Dijon study program.


Christine Plicht, M.A.
Philosophicum II
Jakob-Welder-Weg 20
Room 02.221

Phone: +49-6131-39-29097

Office hours: by appointment

Office Prof. Banerjee
Room 02.208
Mo+Th, 9.30-12.30