Join the American Studies Summer School 2020!

The Civil Rights Movement, Southern Literature, and Southern Food & Music

Experience a unique and intensive research and learning opportunity focusing on the American South. The Obama Institute offers this three-week American Studies Summer School traveling through Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee from the end of July to mid-August. This educational trip provides students with courses in language, literature, and cultural studies. Starting in Little Rock, Arkansas and ending in Washington DC, participants will study the Civil Rights Movement, the history of food and music in the US South, and Southern Literature. They benefit from lectures, readings, and films, as well as on-site learning. Summer School participants can receive course credits in Independent Studies, Cultural Studies, or Written English.

Monday, December 9, 2019, 6 p.m., Room P 15

If you cannot come to the info session but are interested in joining,
please contact Julia Velten (

You can download the flyer for the info session here.

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